Investment Philosophy

Investment Criteria

Roark Capital Group partners with outstanding operating executives to build profitable businesses capable of sustaining their success for all stakeholders - management, employees, shareholders, customers and advisors - over the long haul. 

Key criteria in evaluating potential investments include:

Experienced Management Team

  • Proven operators with successful track records who desire a meaningful equity stake

Predictable Cash Flow

  • A track record of stable, predictable and growing EBITDA

Identifiable Growth

  • Participation in stable and growing markets
  • Opportunity to capture share through organic growth and/or add-on acquisitions

Sustainable Competitive Position

  • Strong market position
  • Identifiable niche
  • Meaningful barriers-to-entry

Risk Management

  • Solid financial systems and consistent information flow to identify opportunities, avoid surprises and ensure downside protection

Our Typical Investment Size

With over $6 billion of equity capital and commitments raised since inception, Roark typically considers opportunities with the following parameters:

  • Revenue: $20 million to > $5+ billion
  • EBITDA: $10 million to > $500+ million
  • Equity Investment: $15 million to > $1+ billion