Investment Philosophy

Partnering with Management

At Roark Capital Group, we believe the best way to create value is to form a close partnership with outstanding operating executives and a value-added Board of Directors. A strong relationship between Roark Capital Group and experienced operating executives represents the basis upon which we identify and pursue attractive investment opportunities. We believe that this approach greatly enhances our ability to find the best companies, complete the most informed due diligence, and to maximize the future growth opportunities of each company.

True partnership encourages open communication and prompt decision-making. We view our role as facilitating the achievement of management's vision for a company by providing capital and by sharing insights, ideas and experiences with management. At the same time, we firmly believe that the responsibility for running the business rests solely with the executives of that company - not with us. To align the goals of management, the Board of Directors and Roark Capital Group, all of these constituents have equity positions in each of Roark Capital Group's investments.