About Roark

The Meaning of Roark

Roark was named after Howard Roark, the protagonist in Ayn Rand's book The Fountainhead.

Our name signifies our admiration for the qualities embodied by Howard Roark but, as a firm of diverse viewpoints, it does not signify adherence to any particular political philosophy. 

Howard Roark's unwavering commitment to his individualistic architectural style put him at odds with the then entrenched powers and prevailing popular whims. While many of his peers surrendered to those powers and whims to attain fortune and fame, he refused to succumb and stayed true to himself and his work, at great personal cost.  Eventually, the prevailing architectural elites were exposed as frauds, and Howard Roark was vindicated and celebrated as visionary.

Integrity, as demonstrated by Howard Roark, is a commitment to one's own thinking, philosophy and viewpoint in the face of all opposition. Howard Roark's life exemplified the qualities of independence and integrity.

Our investment style and business philosophy is meant to emulate those principles of independence and integrity. We seek to invest in outstanding companies in partnership with exceptional operating executives in a manner that promotes and reflects our Core Values, regardless of conventional wisdom or fad. We are committed to being a good partner in good times, and a great partner in bad times.